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Fund Name   Description
Community Funds
HCF Operations Fund Donate Help with our daily operational expenses
Hudson Forever Endowment Fund Donate Ensures that Hudson will always have philanthropic resources available for pressing needs and programs that grows over time to guarantee an investment in the future, with the necessary flexibility to address unforeseen issues and causes.
Hudson NOW Fund Donate Meet immediate and changing needs in the Hudson community.
Memorial Gift Fund Donate A gift in honor of your loved one can be made to any existing fund at Hudson Community Foundation (HCF) or establish a new fund in their memory. Memorial funds at HCF can be named to honor your loved one or your entire family. Grants from your fund will continue to preserve their memory with each gift.
Donor Advised
Tobin Family Memorial Fund Donate This fund has been established as a memorial for the Tobin Family in memory of their loved ones. Grants will be issued to charities in memory of their family. All donations to this fund are fully taxed deductible.
VCS Family Charitable Fund Donate A fund established by the Smith Family in memory of their loving mother, Veronica C. Smith.
HCF's Field of Interest Funds
Hudson Arts & Culture Fund Donate Acknowledging the importance of arts and culture in the life of each individual, the Hudson Community Foundation promotes and supports organizations and events which further these opportunities for the citizens of Hudson.
Historical and Environmental Preservation Fund Donate The Hudson Community Foundation embraces Hudson’s rich history and believes it is critical to maintain its character and heritage. Fostering an attitude of environmental responsibility will ensure community resources are preserved.
Hudson Prevention & Addiction Resource Fund Donate Established to address current and future drug and alcohol awareness needs in the community. Currently funding the Drug Safe Hudson and Drug Free Clubs of America. Drug Safe Hudson was developed to enhance drug and alcohol awareness, reduce stigma and improve opportunities for assistance to Hudson residents who have been affected by drug and alcohol use.
Hudson Social Services Fund Donate A community entails citizens at both ends of the financial spectrum. The Hudson Community Foundation is committed to supporting all citizens through its philanthropic channels. This fund was created to help meet human services activities conducted as needed by non-profit organizations located in or directly serving the Hudson community
Youth, Education & Recreation Fund Donate Investing in our youth helps develop the leaders of tomorrow. The Hudson Community Foundation supports opportunities and experiences that promote the building of important developmental assets and valuable relationships for our local youth.
Organizational - Agency
Holiday Lighting Endowment Fund Donate Building this endowment to fund the Holiday Lighting on the Green in perpetuity.
Music from The Western Reserve Agency Fund Donate This fund's purpose is to provide support to Music from The Western Reserve organization to carry out its role and mission.
Baldwin-Buss House Foundation Donate The Mission of the Baldwin-Buss House Foundation is to ensure the acquisition, proper restoration, redevelopment and maintenance of the 1825 house and adjacent property principally located at 36 North Main Street in Hudson, OH
Hudson City Schools Student Assistance Fund Donate Benefits Hudson City School students facing financial hardship that may be necessary to function at school on a daily basis.
Hudson Food Pantry Friends Fund Donate Supports the Hudson Food Pantry and those families and individuals who rely on its services.
Hudson Restaurant & Retail Stores COVID Support Fund Donate Supports our local restaurants and retail stores during the coronavirus pandemic.
Music from The Western Reserve Endowment Fund Donate Provide support to Music from The Western Reserve to carry out its role and mission.
Seton Tuition Assistance Fund Donate Provide charitable distributions to Seton Catholic School for financial aid and tuition assistance to families in need.
Field of Interest
Hudson Garden Club Donate Supports the Hudson Garden Club that is dedicated to spreading the knowledge and love of gardening, the beautification of public property and the support of education in horticultural and related fields.
Other Funds